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W3 Caviar No 7 Amur Beluga

W3 Caviar No 7 Amur Beluga

PriceFrom HK$808.00

No 7 Amur Beluga

Kaluga Sturgeon

Huso Dauricus

  • Origin

    Amur Beluga caviar comes from one of the largest sturgeons: Kaluga sturgeon, whose native home is at Amur River. 

  • Maturity & Size

     Its weight can reach over 1000Kg with length over 8 meters.It requires a 12-15 years for maturation.

    Its eggs are huge as 3.2 mm or above, color ranges from grey to amber.

  • Tasting notes

    Its rich and complex taste combine with the finest and long memorable aftertaste. 

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