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Hand Made Creatsions from Italy
Glass of Florence

Glass of Florence

Italian design for connoisseurs

by artisans of excellence.

Entirely hand-engraved objects.

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This superb caviar refresher will surprise you endlessly. In the colors of Byzantium, between the profane and the sacred, caviar finds all its letters of nobility through this object of unprecedented luxury. Conviviality and sharing are imperative you would never miss to taste your favorite delicacy.

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These two objects with subtle refinement invite you to a trip to the land of ochre. In the decor of an enchanted garden, in the shade of a palm tree as one you would find it in the Majorelle garden, the tasting of an exceptional caviar takes you to the confines of the divine. 


Catarina - Caviar Bowl

The luxury and splendour of an imperial palace are the prerogative of this fabulous caviar bowl. Its brilliance is reminiscent of that of the Great Catherine at the time of her eventful reign. A moment of pure pleasure!

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Firenze, emblematic icon of Italy, offers you, through this magnificent caviar cooler, a glimpse of the riches of the Florentine heritage. In its sumptuous palates, art and gastronomy are intimately linked. Imagine for a moment the pleasure of tasting a good caviar in beautiful company.

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