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Tia Marra Oysters by Oyster Cove

Tia Marra Oysters by Oyster Cove


Oysters by Oyster Cove
From France Marennes Oléron

All oysters are delivered shucked.  We only shuck orders when orders are received to ensure the freshest oysters are delivered to you.

  • About

    The uniqueness of this oyster lies in the fact that it is grown in Ireland exclusively in ecologically clean conditions of the Atlantic Ocean. After that, before selling, they are refined for more than 2 months in fresh Marenne-Oleron clays in France, to reduce salinity.

    The combination of Irish water and oyster pools at Marennes-Oléron give the Tia Maraa an exceptional flavour. The Tia Maraa can be identified through its crispiness with a light creamy aftertaste. In addition to the incredible flavours and meatiness, a lot of water is released when it is opened, which means they keep fresh for longer.

  • History

    This oysters owes its excellent quality to the Irish culture by the Gillardeau family (FR). The Tia Maraa spends the first year of its life in southwest of Ireland. After about 4 years, the Tia Maraa is moved to Marennes-Oléron
(France). There the oyster acquires its final flavour.

  • Taste Notes

    Flesh: Speciale

    Texture: Springy

    Saltiness: Briny

    After-taste: Long, Nutty,  slight iodine & sweet favour



  • About


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