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Josephine Oysters

Josephine Oysters


From France

All oysters are delivered shucked.  We only shuck orders when orders are received to ensure the freshest oysters are delivered to you.

  • About

    La Joséphine is distinguished.  Harvested from the growers of Gillardeau.

  • History

    Josephine Oyster is a story of heritage and family legacy.  After 120 years of the establishment of Mason Gillardeau, it is Thierry Gillardeau who took over the family business from his father, for the 4th generation in a row, renaming Gillardeau’s best-selling oyster after his own daughter: Jospehine.

  • Taste Notes

    On the palet, you will discover a firm and round oyster with a harmonious salinity. The whole is accompanied by the sweetness and incredible crunch of the mussel.

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