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Gillardeau Oysters by Oyster Cove No 2

Gillardeau Oysters by Oyster Cove No 2


Oysters by Oyster Cove
From France

All oysters are delivered shucked.  We only shuck orders when orders are received to ensure the freshest oysters are delivered to you.

  • About

    Gillardeau is a favourite of many high-end and micheline restaurants.  Gillardeau has always cherished excellence during its whole history.  Internationally recognized and called “The Rolls-Royce of oysters”

  • History

    At the end of the 19th century, in the heart of Marennes-Oléron pool, driven by his passion for oyster farming, Henri Gillardeau founded Maison Gillardeau.   Maison Gillardeau kept on preserving its savoir-faire for the past 120 years, bringing the most refined oyster in the world through the commitment of a whole family.  

  • Taste Notes

    It has a uniquely chewy and crunchy texture, with the scent of the sea and a soft nutty taste.

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