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French Belon Oysters 000 by Oyster Cove

French Belon Oysters 000 by Oyster Cove


Oysters by Oyster Cove
From France

  • About

    The most famous oyster in the world.   Belon Oysters are culitivated in the Belon River, France and has the AOC protected name.  Only oysters from this region in France can be called Belon Oysters.

  • Origin

    Belon oysters  are the European Flat species and are culitivated in the Belon River, France.

  • Taste

    European Flat Oysters have a distinctly different taste.  Belon Oyster’s flavor is powerful, shocking even. They have a mild brininess, a potent coppery taste with a tannic accent and a crisp bite to the plump meats.

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