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Byzantine Vodka& Caviar Bowl

Byzantine Vodka& Caviar Bowl


Caviar refresher in red glass and gold.

Presented in the form of an egg opening in 2 parts held by a delicate gold-plated chain. A handle on the top or in front allow the opening.

The 2 spheres are adorned with gold edging. The glass is hand-carved in lozenge motifs.

The base is entirely in gold engraved with Acanthus leaf. Inside, 6 small vodka glasses in blue, green, pink, red and orange are held by a gold holder. In the centre, a glass ramekin is also maintained.

The ice cubes are placed at the bottom of the sphere.

Finest glass of Florence

24 carat gold


48 cm 18.9 in (H) x 28 cm 11.02 in (Ø)

  • Shipment

    Handcrafted pieces of exception made on request only. Free shipping worldwide from 6 to 8 weeks.

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