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Baerii Caviar

Baerii Caviar

PriceFrom HK$418.00

Baerii Caviar

Acipenser Baeri - Siberian Sturgeon

  • Origin

    This is a moderately sized species and weighs between 8 and 40Kg. It is raised in many farms worldwide because of its relatively quick maturation. It is native to the fluvial basins of Siberia (from the Ob river to the Kolyma river) and in the Baikal Lake basin.

  • Maturity & Size

    This sturgeon6-8 years to be matured for caviar production.

    Its caviar size is from 2. 5 to 2. 8 mm in diameter in shades of dark grey and amber.

  • Tasting notes

    This Siberian treasure is the perfect caviar for brine-lovers. If you adore oysters, mussels or clams, be prepared to fall in love with Baerii's firm grains, delicate texture and satisfying burst.  An extremely versatile caviar with a quite marked taste

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