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Aristocrat White Sturgeon Caviar

Aristocrat White Sturgeon Caviar

PriceFrom HK$690.00

Aristocrat White Sturgeon Caviar

Acipenser Transmontanous


  • Origin

    This caviar comes from the white sturgeon. It's one of the longest living sturgeons and its biggest value still remain connected to the remarkable production of large eggs with coloring varying from dark grey to black. Delicate and elegant taste.

    White sturgeon is one of the largest and longest- living fish in the world. Producing the most elegant dark lustrous pearls. The texture and the taste make this roe a truly sophisticated experience for any gourmand, leaving them wanting for more.

  • Maturity & Size

    Takes 10 years to mature

    Caviar size is 3.0-3.2 mm

  • Tasting notes

    A caviar with buttery flavors with woody notes, subtle and smooth.

    A caviar of multiple dimensions, a buttery creamy texture that is almost sweet with a delicate note that lingers on the palate.

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