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Oscietra Caviar

Oscietra Caviar

PriceFrom HK$588.00

No 5 Oscietra Caviar 

Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii - Russian Sturgeon


  • Origin

    A nostalgic treasure that evokes the decadent age of the Tsars with the potent aromatics of Ossetra caviar filling your senses. This is a pure expression of heritage techniques, evoking a century of sophistication and savoir-faire.

    Ossetra Caviar is among the most celebrated caviar in the world, known for its exquisite, nutty flavor and firm, juicy grains.   This is a pure bred sturgeon from the orignaal Russian species Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii.  

    Sometimes spelled as Asetra or Osetra Caviar, the spelling variations come from the different regions the caviar comes from. However all spellings refer to the same type of caviar.

    This is a farmed medium size sturgeon weighing 20-30 kilos.

  • Maturity & Size

    Takes 11 years to mature

    Caviar size is 3.0-3.2 mm

  • Tasting notes

    The flavor range of this Osetra caviar taste ranges between earthy, nutty and fruity.   Oscietra is known for having a nutty, almost creamy walnut taste and a pleasing burst that shares the bold flavors of the sea.

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