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Aristocrat River Beluga Caviar

Aristocrat River Beluga Caviar

PriceFrom HK$2,400.00

Aristocrat River Beluga

Kaluga Sturgeon

Huso Dauricus

  • Origin

    River Beluga caviar comes from one of the largest sturgeons: Kaluga sturgeon, whose native home is at Amur River. 

    Cousin and alternative to wild Caspian Beluga (Huso Huso), Kaluga is one of the largest fresh water fish in the world, native to the Amur Basin in China. Distinctively firm and juicy, the
    large lustrious grey pearls can be compared to
    the finest Beluga.

  • Maturity & Size

     Its weight can reach over 1000Kg with length over 8 meters.It requires a 12-15 years for maturation.

    Its eggs are huge as 3.2 mm or above, color ranges from grey to amber.

  • Tasting notes

    Its rich and complex taste combine with the finest and long memorable aftertaste.  These exquisitely rich pearls have a mild, creamy, buttery, nutty flavour.

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