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Amur Caviar

Amur Caviar

PriceFrom HK$498.00

No 3  Amur Oscietra 

Acipenser Schrenckii Sturgeon 

  • Origin

    Amur caviar comes from Amur sturgeon or the Acipenser Schrenckii  whose  native home is Amur River.   It’s a medium sized sturgeon  with weight between 20-30Kg.

     This large fish produces plump, delicious eggs that resemble fine Osetra and Kaluga in taste and appearance. Glossy eggs with buttery notes and a firm creamy texture are on par with the finest Osetra and Kaluga in luxurious quality.

  • Maturity & Size

    This sturgeon requires 10 years for maturation.

    Caviar size is from 3.0 to 3.2mm with color ranges from brownish-grey to pale brown.

  • Tasting notes

    A rich and powerful walnut taste.  This caviar is cherished by many for its unique flavor profile with floral, nutty, buttery notes.  On the palate, it offers delicate and elegant flavors, al dente texture, and a long, lingering finish.

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